About us

ZIKO S.A. was established in 1987. Company’s main object is the production and trading of fertilizers and trace elements. Its facilities of 50.000 m2, privately owned, are located in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki, only 10km away from the port. It consists from a fertilizer production unit (blending type), with 3 production lines, and a crystalline fertilizer production unit. Has storage capacity of 50.000 ΜΤ of products in bulk, and for the respective bagged quantity as well.

The company collaborates with the largest industries in fertilizer production worldwide by distributing high quality products. With its wide range of products and its flexibility, ZIKO S.A. responds to customers’ requests by producing customized fertilizer types according to their needs.

Except its presence in the local market, ZIKO S.A. exports to other countries with a continuous raise of export volume per year. A significant part of company’s activities are partnerships with worldwide fertilizer companies, by undertaking the production process and logistics of their products.

The continuous improvement and the conservation of the high standards in production and trading, has already placed ZIKO S.A. among the most reliable companies in fertilizer industry as it is always company’s main goal for the future.