Privacy Policy

ZIKO SA respects and protects your personal data. Personal data protection is governed by the principles of Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) or CISD on the Protection of Personal Data. Below you will find the privacy policy and its importance to you, the user of our website.


Personal data (PD)

ZIKO SA does not collect personal data (PD), unless they are provided through the relevant communication form.  ZIKO SA will use the disclosed personal data only with your consent and for the purpose for which you consent. ZIKO SA and any third party will not sell, rent, lease, license or disseminate your personal data in any way without your written consent.

In case of consensus on the use of Personal Data, you are entitled to:

  1. delete your information
  2. control your data portability
  3. opposition
  4. correction of your information
  5. updating
  6. access
  7. limitation of processing


Purpose of PD processing

User details (name, surname, e-mail address, telephone) are treated as confidential. When users provide information during communication, they consent and accept the forthcoming processing of such personal data for the needs of a smooth and easy communication or transaction. It is certified that only authorized employees have access to this information and only when necessary, e.g. in order to handle requests. Our Company is bound not to disclose the details of its customers and transactions, unless it has a written authorization from them or it is imposed by a court decision or a decision from a public authority.



Ensuring the Privacy of Your Personal Data Transmission

To ensure the confidentiality of the data transmission, the SSL-128bit encryption protocol is used.


All communication between the user's computer and our website is encrypted using a 128-bit key.




We use cookies for the best possible use of our site, to properly navigate the user, to link and transfer to the pages, and to provide promotional content.

Cookies are also used to analyze how visitors use our website, how they browse or if they are experiencing a problem. All information collected by these cookies is anonymous and used only to improve the structure and content of our website. Cookies are stored on the user's computer and can be removed at any time. In each browser, either in Settings or in Privacy and Security you will find your navigation history and you can delete it, if you wish. Cookies do not store email addresses or phone numbers.

The cookies we use are:

A) Absolutely necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper operation of our website and for the user to be able to navigate and use its features such as the access to secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, some of the services and features of the website cannot be provided.


B) Performance cookies

These cookies collect information about how visitors use the website, for example which pages they visit more often, and whether they receive errors from the webpages. These cookies do not collect information that identifies the visitor. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous.

They are only used to improve our website. 


C) Function cookies

These cookies allow the site to remember the choices made by the visitors and therefore provide more personalized features. These cookies can also be used to remember changes the visitor has made to the site or to provide services he has requested, such as chatting or using social media.


Websites hosted by third parties

This Privacy Policy of ZIKO SA concerns only data collected or submitted to this site. The Website contains links to specific web sites hosted by third-party service providers or other third parties that may not be subject to the Policy of ZIKO SA on the Protection of Personal Data or other Policies of ZIKO SA.

Some of these sites may have an interface similar to that of ZIKO SA. These sites may send you cookies and request or collect information about you. When providing information on these sites, you are subject to the policies of that specific websites. Please read the policies governing each website that collects personal data (e.g. your name, address, e-mail address, or other personal data).


Communication of changes

If this Personal Data Protection policy changes, these changes will be recorded on this page. We remind you that when you visit the websites of the third parties that serve us, you are subject to the policies of these third parties. Although we do not share the policy changes of the third parties that serve us, please read them regularly.


Processing time of your Personal Data

Your personal information is permanently deleted upon your request.


Acceptance of our policy

Your use of the Website means that you accept the terms set in the Policy of ZIKO SA on Personal Data Protection. If you do not agree with this policy, please do not to use our website. If you continue to use the Website after the communication of changes in the Policy of ZIKO SA on Personal Data Protection, it means that you accept the changes.