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Slow Release Fertilizers

Slow Release Fertilizers

Slow Release Fertilizers   "VRADEIAS"

The effectiveness of the fertilization of crops depends on a series of factors, such as the right time to apply the fertilizer, the appropriate fertilizer type, the climate and soil conditions, etc.

A substantial part of the applied fertilization cannot be absorbed  by the plants, either due to leaching  to the deeper layers of the soil and the aquifer (with severe effects, in the form of groundwater pollution, as well as on human health), or due to losses of volatilization to the environment as ammonia .

Nowadays, innovative solutions allow us to minimize  these losses to a great extent, in favor of both the crops and the environment, through the use of “inhibited” fertilizers.

In this endeavor, our company has developed and launched a new series of fertilizers under the brand name  “BRADEIAS ”, including:

·        VRADEIAS UREA 46 Ν with ΝΒΡΤ urease inhibitor
·        VRADEIAS  UREA AMMONIUM SULPHATE  UAS 40 Ν with ΝΒΡΤ urease inhibitor
·        VRADEIAS  ΝΡ & ΝΡΚ, BLEND type, with NBPT urease inhibitor in the contained urea nitrogen.

The use of these fertilizers ensures the reduction of leaching – volatilization , the longer stay of the fertilizer into the soil by up to 3 weeks (therefore, a higher degree of availability to the plants), applications of smaller doses, and finally, saving time and cost per fertilizing unit.

For more detailed information please contact the company scientists.