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Solid Chelate Trace Elements

Solid Chelate Trace Elements

They are applied when a deficiency of specific microelement is observed.

They can be combined with our crystalline or liquid fertilizers PLANTLEAF - TERRA STAR - PLANTERRA.

                                   Chelated Iron 

ZIKOFER POWER 6 *                           ZIKOFER 6 POWER K *  

 (6% Fe - EDDHA)  1kg                           (6% Fe - EDDHSA)   5kg  

They are used for the treatment of chlorosis with solid appication. The immediate action and absolute solubility specializes ZIKOFER to be unique for iron chlorosis treatment.

ZIKOZINC *                                          ZIKO BORON 20              

Cheletad Zinc                                       Boron                                  

(15% Zn - EDTA)  25kg                        (20% B)   1kg 

 ZIKOMIX    Solid micro elements mixture     

(3,35% Fe,  1,7% Mn,  1,7% Cu,  0,875% B, 0,6% Zn, 0,023%Mo, 

micro elements mixture in EDTA form)   25kg

They are based on well established chelate chemistry, which provides highly stable and bioavailable micronutrient sources. They are compatible with a wide range of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and other crop care products. 

* can be applied in organic farming complying to the EC regulations 2092/91 & 2381/94.