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Zeolite is a natural porous or volcanic material with tremendous cation exchange capacity thanks to which it can bind to various cations (Ca, Mg, K, Na) which can be exchanged for NH4+ ions making it an external soil conditioner.


a) In Agriculture
Zeolite absorbs ammonia and other cations contained in fertilizers and offers then, when they are needed, thereby reducing loss of fertilizer units which would be lost in the aquifer. It also helps to maintain a neutral pH soil and moisture retention especially in sandy soils.

b) In Livestock

Feeding animals has the result of reducing side effects due to the presence of plant protection product into their diet.

Application of zeolite on the floor of livestock units absorbs ammonia and reduces tuner.

Mixing with sand in containers of small pets,  absorbs the odors.

In aquaculture is used for water filtration.

c) In the Industry

The industry can replace phosphates in detergents reducing the problem of water pollution.